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Welcome to Eritrea Daily Posting Guidelines page. Here you will find information on how to submit your articles, views, opinions, commentary, or whatever you want posted for free.

Eritrea Daily accepts and posts all, each, any, and every literary contributions including information materials and announcements of events that benefit community life, NGO’s and the likes as long as they comply with and adhere to our declared mission statement without discrimination or censorship.

   Editorial criteria:

·         All articles must be submitted on the first day of exposure to the World Wide Web and prior to being cross-posted/published on any other website.

·         Articles plagiarized from other source(s) not accepted

·         Articles must be well-researched

·         All articles must comply with and adhere to our mission statement.

·         Authors are the sole and only bearers of responsibility for the contents of the articles, views, comments, and opinions they submit. 

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