Network of Eritreans for Constitutional Governance (NECG)

Egypt's H. Mubrek, Murderer Of Young Eritrean Refugees, Resigns

11 February 2011
Berhane M Tekeste

Today, Egypts' president, 30-year dictator Hosni Mubarek, cold-blooded murderer of young Eritrean refugees, is no more! He was forced to resign again by sheer people power. Within the span of less than 4 weeks, Mubarek was only the second, while Tunisia's Ben Ali was the first dictator to be chased out of the country on 14 January 2011 also by sheer people power! Good riddance.

I couldn't pass up this momentous news because the first thing that popped up in my mind was Hosni Mubarek the cold-blooded murderer and brutal jailer of young Eritreans asylum seekers that fled their country to escape oppression yes only because he could! Mubarek was not accountable to no one. As a matter of fact Eritrea tyrant had granted Egypt's right to secure and protect its borders by all means necessary! Well, though delayed, some justice is done. The news from Egypt indicate that Egyptians are not yet done with citizen Mohammed Hosni Mubarek yet. All power to the people of Egypt!

The second thing that came up in mind was after Tunisia the might of people power in effecting the unthinkable: Bringing down even the mightiest dictator without firing a bullet when and where applicable. Yes, after Tunisia, the people of Egypt have proven that nothing is impossible! This is a humble pointer to the sycophants and foot soldiers of Eritrea tyrant Isias Afewarki!

The other thing that Egyptians have proven is that perseverance pays off because at the beginning of the week some were spreading rumors that the popular uprising were dying down!

Yes, dictator president Mubarek is no more, it is real, final, permanently discredited and abandoned to say it in the words of late Bob Marly. The message and trend is clear: Pull some kind of Tunisia or Egypt on all dictators and tyrants!

While the entire world is witnessing indeed history unfolding in Egypt, Eritrea tyrant Afewarki has banned any such news from being covered by the sole national TV station (ERiTV) , Newspaper or radio station in Eritrea all Serving The Tyrant not the The Truth for obvious reasons: Afewarki is allergic to the very term people power! Exposing the people of Eritrea to successful popular uprising is tantamount to committing political suicide. Call it Fears of Domino Effect! One last thing jumped at me too: It is now Mohammed Hosni Mubarek!

Now that Mubarek is no more, Eritrea tyrant will be talking to himself!

መርበብ ኤርትርያውያን ንቅዋማዊ መንግስቲ (ኤንቅመ)