Eritrea Tyrant’s Economics Guru Admits: It’s All Slave Labor! VOA Audio

31 May 2011
Berhane M Tekeste

It is firm and official, Eritrea is land of slave labor sine fine, Eritrea tyrant's economics guru, Dr. Woldai Futur, admitted in an interview with VOA's Tigrigna Program last Friday straight and without any hesitation whatsoever!

Here samples of Q&A:

VOA: Dr. Woldai, you brought it up yourself, people rendering human labor for free! How long yet?

Dr. Woldai: Free labor will be there for as long as it takes to get the country where it ought to be as a country! When I say free labor I mean people are not paid what they deserve, added Dr. Woldai. Great! Now what do you call poorly, in our case very poorly, remunerated human labor, Dr. Woldai? Slave labor, sir!

Further, Dr. Woldai submitted that people do get paid to cover their daily needs! Oh really! Dr. Woldai, people cannot live off that! Listen to what your boss tyrant Isias had to say to that just a month ago here

That is not all, Dr. Woldai further submitted that free labor is being implemented not by force but by the will of the people! Oh yeah! When and how did you secure the people's will for free labor, sir?

Listen to this particular exchange(Tigrigna)

For entire interview listen here:

Slave Labor In Eritrea

 Eritrea Tyrant Isias Afewarki's Economics Guru, Dr. Woldai Futur