Eritrea: No Less Than 9000 Affected By Volcano, Local Expert- Audio

24 June 2011
Berhane M Tekeste

From currently no less than 3500 directly hit, the number of people affected by the still active Nabro Volcano is expected to reach 9000, Eritrea tyrant's mining expert, Mr. Alem Kibreab, told Voice of America Tigrigna program yesterday, including massive loss of livestock and property, listen (Tigrigna)

As to loss of life and injuries, Mr. Alem said 7 people, mainly children and one elderly women, lost their lives and 3-4 people suffered injuries!

Mr. Alem said the lava covered about 20km and claimed of providing tents, and basic necessities to the victims including a medical unit on spot- no evidence though!

When asked about it, Mr. Alem, did not rule out Eritrea tyrant's acceptance of international help if and when needed! Wow!

Eritrea tyrant Isias has not yet toured the area, spoken of the plight of the people affected, Eritrean Afars, or called for international assistance!

Please join the call of our Afar brothers and sisters for international help and access to the scene!

Call, send emails, alarm all international and Eritrean aid organizations including the UN.

Pass the word, get in touch with RSADO and inquire how you can be of help, thanks.

Information & comm. Office ,Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization,

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    Eritrea Nabro Volcano Victims: Eritrean Afars calling for our help!