UN Women's Rights Convent Concludes urging Eritrea tyrant to commit political suicide!

06 March 2015

Geneva, Switzerland- The 60th Session of the UN Women's Rights Convention CEDAW that started on 26 Feb 2015 concluded today, 6 March 2015, with concluding recommendations tantamount to urging Eritrea tyrant to commit political suicide!

Calls for Free and fair elections stat, expeditious implementation of the constitution the tyrant declared still-born just recently, reconvening of a defunct legislative assembly, and ensuring Rule of Law, while right and only way forward for our country Eritrea, those are things Eritrea tyrant doesn't even think of and has told the nation recently to go look for in a different planet or the moon for it means his demise hence can only happen over his dead body.  Read CEDAW'S entire recommendations below:



Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea