Eritrea@24: Heaven To Mining Investors, Hell To Its Own People!

16 May 2015

"Eritrea waves the mining flag" read the news item On Tuesday, 12 May 2015, on the website of 'Australia's Proactive Investors'. "Eritrea has become an increasingly attractive address for mining investment since its independence 24 years ago" the report added.

Indeed, with 60% of Eritrea's land a precious metal pit, Eritrea is heaven to mining investors! 

No one doubts too that Eritrea has become hell to its own population since its independence 24 years ago!  Yes, Eritrea tyrant Esas Afareki has turned Eritrea into
'Heaven to mining investors and hell to its own people!'  Eritrea has certainly become attractive to mining investors and repulsive to its own people as well! Below what has become of Eritrea under tyrant Esat Afareki:


Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea