Eritrea@24: Eritrea Tyrant's Anti-US Vituperative Harangue

24 May 2015

Asmara, Eritrea-Eritrea tyrant's address to the nation on the occasion of the 24th Anniversary of Eritrea's Independence, was all vituperative harangue against the United States of America!

The tyrant's speech was broadcast Live on National TV but was interrupted often by propaganda displays and background music featuring things the tyrant likes to take credit for accomplishing! But the tyrant was not aware of that because he kept talking, call it talking to himself, during the propaganda interruptions!

At the end it was panic time for the tyrant: He was visibly shaken by unexpected applause!
Needless to say, but Eritrea tyrant has no friends! Not one single head of state attended the occasion!


Eritrea Tyrant's Anti-US Vituperative Harangue

"The end of the Cold War has ushered in a process of dynamic transformation in the global order in the past quarter of a century.  This reality notwithstanding, certain powers prompted by greed and domination and spearheaded by the United States continue to harass us and derail our efforts of nation-building in a serene and stable environment.  In this context, they instigated a border conflict with Yemen that never arose prior to Eritrea's independence and further induced skewed arbitral decisions.  Later on, they exacerbated a meaningless conflict on account of Badme and associated border dispute using a subservient TPLF as a convenient umbrella.  They blocked the implementation of the final and binding arbitral decision to impede a lasting settlement of the dispute.  They stoked war and aggression through the flagrant flouting of justice.  And when all these schemes failed to induce capitulation of the Eritrean people, they imposed sanctions on our country on the basis of spurious pretexts. 

Furthermore, they prompted a fabricated conflict in collusion with Djibouti on a putative dispute that has no basis whatsoever on the historical, colonial boundary determinations, of this region.  This was conceived in order to undermine our historical place and role in the southern Red Sea and Bab-el Mendeb Straight. 

All these vain subterfuges were concocted and are designed to keep us hostage in a web of regional crises.  They constitute the catalogue of hostilities that we have confronted to preserve our independence and sovereignty.  The failed subversive machinations and open military hostilities conducted in the past, and that still continue, to impair the political process of nation-building and to paralyze national economic development and growth are part and parcel of this sad narrative. 

The relentless provocations and hostilities perpetrated against our independence and sovereignty is not confined to us alone.  This must indeed be seen within the framework of their misguided policies of what they label as their global "strategic interests."  In the last quarter of this century in particular, as the insatiable strategic appetite for domination and monopoly has increasingly faced strong resistance, the tactics they have refined constitute reckless power games of "chaos by war" or "war by chaos".

Beginning from Afghanistan, the upheavals they have stoked under different pretexts in the region continue to rage without let up:
-    turmoil, bloodshed and displacements in Iraq;
-    endless crises and disintegration in Somalia;
-    continuous turbulence in North and South Sudan;
-    subversions weaved to plunge Egypt back into crises as it starts to put its act together as if it wasn't enough to paralyze the country for 30 years;
-     chaos and destruction in Libya;
-    turmoil and vacuum in Yemen;
-    instigating tensions in the Nile Basin for hidden agendas;
-    incubating and deploying terrorist organizations with different labels to add chaos and destruction to chaos and destruction;
-    instigating and stoking misguided religious polarizations; and,  
-    plunging the entire region into interminable turmoil by undermining the regional organizations instead of allowing the countries of the region to solve their own problems.

All these trends and phenomena cannot be seen in isolation. They must be seen as part and parcel of the dramatic spectacle of the last quarter of a century spawned by the strategic interests of domination and monopoly.

In addition, there are self-styled or aspiring regional powers which misconstrue the vacuum and imbalances entailed by the war of chaos as a blessing in disguise and which aggravate the prevailing turmoil in order to promote their influences in the region.  In the event, all the conspiracies and hostilities perpetrated against our independence and sovereignty must be seen in the context of this broader perspective.

Against the backdrop of such misguided and reckless policies, the resolute efforts that we have and are exerting to defend and safeguard our independence are not less than the long armed struggle we waged to achieve our liberation. And as we confront the challenges in unison with all those working for the security, stability and harmony of this region, time will tell that we will emerge victorious by bolstering our resistance and resilience."

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