UN Report Hits Eritrea Tyrant With Crimes Against Humanity, Rule by Fear!

08 June 2015

A final 500-page report of the UN investigative body, UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea, issued today hits Eritrea tyrant with Crimes against humanity and rule by fear.  Indeed, fear, intimidation and scaring the nation that the west is out to undue Eritrea's hardwon Independence as manifested by Eritrea tyrant's version of Hitler's Goebbels, Yeman G Mekel, in a twitt today:


"Eritrea - the home country of many of the migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean - has been accused by the UN of human rights violations on a "scope and scale seldom witnessed elsewhere" said Sheila B Keetaruth, leading member of the Commission and Eritrea Human Rights Rapporteur today in a press statement. Below, Al Jazeera and BBC's Focus on Africa  magazine reports on the matter and a report on today's
Daily Telegraph, London's daily.




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