Horrifying UN Eritrea Report Unites German Parliamentarians against Eritrea Tyrant

15 June 2015
The horrifying UN Eritrea Report last week brought about a rare unity among rivaling German political parties in parliament: Ruling CDU/CSU, main opposition party SPD and the remaining Green Party and The Left party as expressed by a representative of the SPD party.

In Parliament on Wednesday, just two days after the UN Report was released,they all blasted Eritrea tyrant Esas Afareqi for blatant abuse of Human Rights in unison and similar statements and expressed equally in unison and similar statements their utter shock on the horrible situation in Eritrea also in unison and similar statements.

The order of the parliament was 'Current Affairs Hour' and the sole topic was: STOP HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE IN ERITREA, UN Eritrea Report.
Among other things, the parliamentarians called for support of countries that host hundreds of thousands of Eritreans fleeing Eritrea tyrants Human abuse, like Ethiopia, Sudan. They also warned the German Minster of Development that has announced his intention to visit Eritrea soon, not to come back with a report based on bogus promises and statements made by some representatives of Eritrea tyrant.

Below is a summary of the session in German as provided by German parliament and corresponding Google English translation including a video.




Google translation

Parlamentarians shocked by the situation in Eritrea

Arbitrary executions, unspeakable prison conditions, systematic torture, indefinite military forced service: On Wednesday, June 10, 2015 , was in the Parliament of the horror on the agenda - a topical interest to human rights violations in Eritrea , "What can you do," the question, The Christian Democrat Frank Heinrich responded with an appeal: "Yes, to attract attention, make it clear to shock." That was the purpose of this debate on the initiative by the CDU / CSU and SPD.
UN report

The occasion was a June 8 published, 64-page report of the Commission on Human Rights of the United Nations, which culminates in the statement: "In Eritrea does not govern the right but the fear." While the east African country has, after decades of bloody battles in 1993 independence obtained from Ethiopia, but the state of war is not ended to this day. Around the turn of the millennium, there was between the two countries again into an armed border conflict, which killed around 100,000 people by 2001 and one million engines in flight.

The three investigators of the United Nations remained the access denied by Eritrea. Your report is based on the survey of 550 anonymous informants in exile and another 660 written testimonies. My finding is that the government of President Issayas Afworki has built a draconian coercive regime under the pretext of national security and operates an extensive militarization of society. By the age of 18 year each Eritreans is used to an indefinite national service, suppressed opposition with brutal means. Meanwhile one million lives of six million Eritreans in exile, try monthly up to 5,000 people to flee from the regime.

"Neighbors Sudan and Ethiopia support"

"I feel very helpless," the well-known SPD deputy Gabriela Heinrich , describing the fate of the refugees who abuse, rape, often threatened in the violence by traffickers of death: "None of us can imagine how awful his life need to go that route. "The Europeans stood at least an obligation to support the neighboring countries Sudan and Ethiopia in receiving refugees and itself to asylum seekers from Eritrea to open. Required are legal migration routes and the fight against human trafficking.

"Finally, open the borders for people in need, start a comprehensive emergency program the entire Mediterranean, so that those who flee from violence and torture, no longer drowning in the Mediterranean", also called the Left Annette Groth . Since 2008, Germany has set development aid to Eritrea. Nevertheless, the competent want Minister Dr. Gerd Müller visit the country in two weeks: "I hope that he there discusses the human rights and not about a return agreement with the Government negotiates," Groth said.

"The North Korea of Africa"

"We will encourage the Minister, not to mention there," seconded the Christian Democrat Frank Heinrich . In Eritrea conquer a "pitiless dictatorship", the country applies to law as the "North Korea of Africa". Heinrich also recalled that Eritrean embassies of exiled compatriots, even those who already German citizens were, a two percent income tax extorted: "If you say that all this is not true, let the experts into the country", he turned to the Eritrean leadership.

For the Greens said Omid Nouripour , Eritrea had "clearly deserves more attention." That order also in Berlin still lie in wickedness, learned his group a few months ago, when she had asked a written question on the situation in Eritrea ". Hardly an answer based on knowledge of the Federal Government from its own sources" The UN report is a horrific reading: "It is hardly possible to talk about with a clear blood, if you look at the section on torture."

Taillight for Press Freedom

For the CDU/CSU the deputy pointed Bernd Fabritius out that Eritrea occupies the last place among 180 countries in terms of press freedom, even behind North Korea or Syria. The Left Niema Movassat accused the federal government duplicity: You hofiere the Egyptian president and criticizing only "non-strategic" dictatorships.

Had there been a debate in the Bundestag, when Eritrea was an oil exporting country, asked Movassat ". Businesses  have for the federal government precedence over human rights, which is shameful" (WID / 06.10.2015)


Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea