Eritrea tyrant stumbles embarrassingly over his own stats that exposed utter failure of his militarized Ed.!

13 July 2015

Asmara, Eritrea-Addressing graduates of 28th round of national disservice on Friday, 10 July 2015, Eritrea tyrant rendered a speech that not only embarrassed him but also exposed the utter failure of the tyrants forced militarized Education at the infamous military training camp known as SAWA!

The tyrant had to pause embarrassingly after reading the stats that even did not add up to 100% then proclaimed error in printing! The stats: 14% graduated with a Degree, 10% each with Diploma and Certificates and a whopping 60% did not achieve the minimum passing grade! With that, there remained 6% unaccounted for? Fled the country to South of the border? Lol

48 Hours later, the tyrant's Propaganda TV, ERiTV, produced another edited video of the tyrant's speech without the embarrassing stats and the tyrant's remarks to rectify the stats!

Regardless, no cooked up stats or fabricated numbers would ever change the reality: SAWA militarized Education is a total disaster beyond repair!

Good thing it is not the UN Commission of Inquiry or the Special Rapporteur the one disclosing the disasterous nature of Eritrea tyrant's forced militarized Education, otherwise it would been labelled 'Conspiracy, politically motivated' crap!

That said, how is that, that the tyrant was dumbfounded and frozen at reading his own speech? Usually, people not only read but also re-read speeches they want to render publicly prior to the event? Did the tyrant not do that? Interesting!    Above both video clips:                                         



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