Switzerland: Eritrea Lawless, Injustice, and Tyrannical State!

06 August 2015
Speaking to reporters today in Bern, Switzerland, Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga, descrbed Eritrea under Eritrea tyrant Esas Afareqi as a lawless, Inustice, and tyrannical State. That is euphemism for barefaced Gangland!

Futher, the Swiss president underscored that it is INCONCEIVABLE for Switzerland to deport human beings to such a state and re-affirmed that the current Swiss Asylum Policy is there to stay as is. That in response to recent loud and public calls from some regional authorities to deny Eritrean Asylulm seekers Asylum Protection Right. With her remarks, Sommaruga put such claims to rest: Eritreans will neither be deported nor denied Asylum protection. Period.



Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea