Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea
Swiss Special Amb.: The Situation In Eritrea Is Disastrous, ergo the mass exodus!

15 August 2015
Finally! The answer, the right and only answer, to the unrelenting international media question 'Why are so many Eritreans fleeing their country?' has been been delivered in no uncertain terms, authoritatively, and without any hesitation by the Swiss special ambassador to the International Cooperation on Mingration, Ambassador Eduard Gnesa:
Because the situation in Eritrea is simply disastrous!

Indeed, disastrous situation is the sole cause that is driving Eritreans out of their country in the FIRST PLACE, economic hardships are direct effects of that not the cause.

Eritrea is a country without constitution, parliament, elections, and ruled by fear where there is systematic violation of Human Rights. Bless you ambassador Gnesa!

Even attempts to engage Eritrea tyrant on the eventual possibility of repatriating Eritrean refuges is NO MORE POSSIBLE for lack of the tyrant's willingness and necessary verifiable guarantees!

One could close no readmission agreement with a country if you do not know what happens to people after returning to their homes, says Gnesa.

Ambassador Gnesa made this his germane remarks in an interview with the Swiss Daily 'Tages Anzeiger' and 'Der Bund' yesterday. Below is pertinent report by another Swiss Daily, 'Blick' and the corresponding software English translation: