Bruton Flip-flops: She now says much of the criticism of Eritrea Gov't is valid!

24 August 2015

Contrary to her earlier statements, also on VOA, in favor of Eritrea tyrant and his tyrannical reign, Bronwyn Bruton now tells VOA's David Arnold  that
much of the criticism of Eritrea's government is valid: From indeterminate national service to human rights abuses and the jailing of journalists!

She says her earlier experience with Eritrea did not give her a complete picture of the nation. Along with some European countries she is now taking another look at Eritrea. Bruton says she also wants a more complete picture of Eritrea and its leadership. Below the interview of VOA's David Arnold with Ms. Bruton on Friday, 21 Aug 2015:



Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea