No Signs Only Reports: Eritrea Tyrant's Back From Recent Qatar Trip!

26 August 2015

On Saturday, 22 Aug 2015, there were reports from Qatar and Eritrea that Eritrea tyrant Isias Aferqi has concluded hit trip to Qatar last week, 19-22 Aug 2015, and has returned home.

But there are no tangible signs like video or pictures that show the tyrant has indeed returned home! 

It is simply weird and suspicious that the tyrant's propaganda outlets like the local newspaper (see front page) posts a very old photo of the tyrant while reporting the tyrant's return from very recent trip to Qatar!

It is also unusual for the Tyrant's propaganda TV station, EriTV, to report the tyrant's return without any footage or picures! Qatar TV(below) too reported the tyrant's return wihtout footage or any picture of the tyrant's departure!

What is more embarrassing is for a digital media very close to the tyrant posting a very old footage (below) showing the tyrant returnign  from Qatar together with an ex-Info Minister, Ali Abdu, who has long defected to Australia, the tyrant's top lackey Yemane Ghebreab, aka Monkey, who has been abroad at the time, and the tyrant's Foreign Affairs agent, Osman Saleh, who was not even part of the delegation.

There could be a lot of reasons why the tyrant could still be in Qatar: Need for medical attention or Qatar might have even quarantined (lol) the tyrant until the current military operation of the Saudi Coalition in Yemen is over for no one trusts the tyrant either way!



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