Eritrea tyrant's key ally, major armed Ethiopian rebels surrender to Ethiopian authorities

09 September 2015

The Ethiopian New Year, 12 September 2015 brought, brought bad, very bad news to Eritrea tyrant and kind of pleasant surpris to Ethiopia: Eritrea tyrant's key all, major decade-long armed Ethiopian rebels known as TPDM (Tigrai People's Democratic Movement) surrendered to Ethiopian authorities more or less in its entirey to utter dismay and frustration to Eritrea tyrant for it happened only 3 days after the tyrant created a forced dream United front consisting of TPDM and 3 other opposition groups  with all the hoopla. Now with surrender of TPLF the tyrant's dream united from collapsed to no recognition. Below an official statement of the government of Ethiopia confirming the surrender including a short video showing the surrendering fighters of TPDM- the statement is in Amahric language.



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