Eritrea: "It's the Human Rights" very wrong- UN

29 September 2015
At the UNGA70, New York-- In his meeting last week with Eritrea tyrant's foreign agent, aka foreign minister, UNSG Ban Ki-Moon got his message through without expressing it verbatim:
'It's the Human Rights' that is very wrong in Eritrea. The rest (sanctions, border issue) is yet more of the same and diversionary ploy that neither is an excuse nor a justification for blatant violation of Human Rights!

The real words of the UNSG as expressed by his spokesperson: "
The Secretary-General encouraged further engagement between Eritrea and the United Nations in furthering human rights in the country."  Unlike Eritrea tyrant's propaganda outlets, there was no mention of UNSG applauding Eritrea tyrant in the UNSG readout or his spokesperson during the Daily noon briefing, listen/read below:



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