The Latest Joke @UNGA70: Eritrea tyrant declares progress in human Rights (AP)

03 October 2015

At the final day of the United Nations General Assembly 70th Session, today, Saturday 3 October 2015, Eritrea tyrant's foreign emissary, aka FM, declared 'progress in Human Rights'! That is the first joke the AP picked and reported, read below.

The second joke was picked by 'Inner City Press':  Eritrea tyrant Isas Afareqi, twice un-sanctioned, under UN investigation for Crimes Against Humanity, has no friend/ally in the world hence a pariah complaining about being marginalized by the international community! Inner City Press expressed its unwavering solidarity with the tyrant! Below video clip of the tyrant's address to the UNGA70 and the AP report on the matter- please scroll down to get to the report already highlighted!



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