Botswana: No deportation, Eritrea Players Asylum Request Accorded due process!

16 October 2015

Gaborone-Despite and in spite of Botswana's Minister of Defense, Security, and Justice claims that 'the Eritrea football players that refused to go back home will have to be deported because "It's simple. They must go back home. You don't come to a country to play football, lose and then say you want political asylum, no! There are proper steps to take and they can do that from their home country" nonsensical statement, the VOA's Tigrigna Program today confirmed that there is no deportation, the players have been accorded due process and the Minster's remarks might have to be corrected. A responsible Botswana official told the VOA "We are a member of the international community, we cannot deport people that request asylum protection prior to due process" Below in VOA's report in Tigringa Language:




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