Africa India Forum Summit: Indians Cracking Jokes at Eritrea tyrant's absence!

29 October 2015

Eritrea tyrant's invitation to the ongoing Africa India Forum summit, 26-29 October 2015, in Delhi, India, that the tyrant requested and even indicated he would attend was promoted with all fanfare and hoopla, yet the tyrant is no show in India! Now the tyrant has become, rightly so, the laughingstock in India! Indians are cracking jokes at the tyrant's absence! Like this one
"I called the Eritrean embassy in New Delhi, located in the Vasant Vihar neighbourhood, to find out if I could meet the Eritrean leader, the man they call Africa’s Kim Jong-un (or any other member of North Korea’s Kim dynasty). The response from the person at the other end was interesting. “We don’t know where he is. No one knows where he is. It is not possible to meet him. He is in India on a private visit,” . For more read report below:




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