Testimony to UN Rights Report: Eritrea tyrant's top lackey, YG Meskel speaks out!

01 November 2015

Zurich, Switzerland- Over the weekend Zurich's own local TV Station,  aired an interview with Eritrea tyrant's top lackey, aka Minster of Information, Mr Yemane Ghebremeskel that its reporter taped in Asmara Eritrea. The outcome: Testimony to the Report of the UN Commission of inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea and in your-face debunking of what yet another Eritrea tyrant's lackey at the UN on 29 October 2015 told the 3rd Committee of the General Assembly in New York.

Watch video below: First part is in English and sums up the subsequent part in German in a nutshell as follow:

Mr. Ghebremeskel confirming the open-ended nature and reality of the National Service, Human Rights abuse including rape all with impunity but blamed it all on Ethiopia!

On Saturday, 30 Oct 2015, a widely read and distributed German Newspaper,
Süddeutsche Zeitung, pubished an interview with Mr. Ghebremeskel wherein the paper poses the following question:
Is there democracy in Eritrea?

Ghebremeskel's response: We don't have political opposition, no free media, no constitution. Eritrea tyrant calls a country where all of the above is absent, rightly so, a Gangland! or In Tigrigna language: QWAM ZEYBILA HAGER, ADDI SHEFATU IYA!  With his response, Ghebremeskel has again confirmed absense of rule of law and prevalence of Rule by Fear as reported by the UN inquiry body!




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