Swiss TV Destroys Eritrea tyrant's Swiss Lackey Dr. Toni Locher Live

05 November 2015

Zurich, Swetzerland-- Yesterday, the Swiss TV station, TeleZurich, featured Mr. Roman Wasik, the station's own journalist who just returned from Eritrea documenting his visit in the station's "ZüriSerie - Brennpunkt Eritrea" that was aired between 31 Oct-2 Nov 2015, and Dr. Toni Locher, Eritrea tyrant's sworn lackey aka honorary consul.
The moderator, Mr. Oliver Steffen, destroyed and disgraced Toni Locher on air to no recognition in matters National Service, Human Rights violation, Eritrean Refugees, including Toni's blatant lies, etc. Two callers expressed their disbelief in Dr. Locher's stance. Watch clip below:

 Below video of the entire show in Swiss-German language!



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