Eritrea Tyrant: Exodus of Eritreans Not My Fault, It's all ET/US/EU Conspiracy! 

07 November 2015

Eritrea tyrant's response to Ethiopia PM call to end tyranny in Eritrea for exodus and plight of Eritreans including admittedly open-ended "National Servic" to end is simple and true to expectations: Speaking through his top attack dog at the UN in New York,
Eritrea tyrant submitted that mass exodus of Eritreans including open-ended forced military conscription is not his fault but it is all the outcome of Ethiopia/US/EU longstanding CONSPIRACY against Eritrea!

The tyrant's attack dog at the UN, Mr. Girma Asmerom submitted that in BBC's Focus on Africa program yesterday, 6 Nov 2015,  just few hours later after Ethiopia PM remarks on BBC's Newsday on the same day. Listen to the tyrant's bitter and as usual abusive response below:




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