UK: No Funding of Eritrea tyrant, EU Aid via reputable NGO's, UN Agencies

10 November 2015

In light of the upcoming EU-Africa summit the next two days in Malta, the UK House of Commons quizzed late evening yesterday, 9 Nov 2015, the Minister at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Mr. David Lidington, about a variety of pertinent issues including Human Rights, Rule of law, Indefinite Military Conscription in Eritrea, and the Eritrea-Ethiopia border issue. As far as the EU Aid is concerned, the Minster told the house:
 There won't be any funding of Eritrea tyrant, EU Aid via reputable international NGO's and UN Agencies is the way to go and right thing to do!

Above is a video excerpt of of Mr. Ledington's answers to questions raised. And below is text of the motion to the debate as presented by  Mr. Matthew Pennycook, Labor Party.

Constitutional Governance Only Way Forward For Eritrea