Eritrea tyrant: We Are Not on A War Footing, to say so Is Insanity! 

25 November 2015

One after the other, Eritrea tyrant's top lackeys and attack dogs in-and outside the country submit: Talks about 18 mos. 'National Service' is all bogus! The truth: On paper 'National Service' is 18 months, in practice 'National Service' is open-ended because we are on war footing. Blame Ethiopia and the USA for that! The latest in this series is Eritrea tyrant's top lackey stationed in Paris, France. Watch video clip below how the French TV Station LCI grills Eritrea tyrant's female lackey in Paris, aka ambassador of the land, on National Service and mass exodus of Eritreans.
But Eritrea tyrant told an international TV Station, watch video clip below, it is insanity to say we are on a war footing, those who say so are insane! 

On migration

Moderator: why are so many Eritreans fleeing their country?
Eritrea tyrant's agent: First of all let me read you the script: Migration is a global phenomenon, Eritrea is not an exception! In addition, Eritreans are fleeing potential war for Ethiopia is still occupying our sovereign territory!
Moderator: Syrians, Afghans are fleeing devastating wars; there is no war in Eritrea, the war ended in year 2000?
Eritrea tyrant's agent: No, the war is not over!

On National service

Eritrea tyrant's agent: On Paper, 'National Service' 18 months, in Practice, 'National Service' is open-ended because we are on a war footing. Blame Ethiopia and its USA for that!
Moderator: Ok, Ok, enough already! Call the Cops! Get this insanity out of here now!

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