Saudi Arabia Summons & Holds Eritrea Tyrant for Crucial Security Interrogation!  

22 December 2015

After Qatar Emir's blitz visit with the tyrant on Friday, 18 Dec 2015, Saudi Arabia on Saturday summoned Eritrea tyrant stat and is holding the tyrant since, now 3 days and counting, for crucial regional security interrogation!

3 days later, yesterday, the tyrant's propaganda TV station, ERiTV(video below), confirmed the tyrant's departure to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, 19 Dec 2015, without a word about the duration of the trip; and for lack of any kind of current footage, local/abroad, (very strange!), the station flashed archived still photos of the tyrant's earlier visit to same country!

Then there was a Press Statement of the tyrant's Foreign Affairs propaganda Ministry-kind of a plea to let the tyrant go- assuring the Saudi's of the tyrant's "unreserved support to the recently, a week ago, announced Saudi-led 'Islamic military alliance against terrorism' and his allegiance to prior deal on the issue of regional security and fighting terrorism as discussed at the end of April of this year in Riyadh! By the way, the said tyrant's earlier trip to Saudi, April 2015, was neither mentioned by ERiTV nor reported to the nation in any form! The tyrant is still in Saudi Arabia beyond the initially announced 2 days stay, where he is not worth the news to be covered by any kind of Saudi media hitherto!

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