Eritrea@Jubilee: Save the tyrant, vive le tyran! Eritrea tyrant's Rule by Fear Live!

15 January 2016

Y2K16 is Eritrea's Independence jubilee. For Eritrea tyrant's lackeys it's the '
Save the tyrant, vive le tyran' year since this year Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi is staring the ICC in the face after being hit with an inarguable crimes against Humanity by UN Rights Commission Of Inquiry last year. The case against Eritrea tyrant is solid!

Now, the UN Rights COI is under attack by Eritrea tyrant's lackeys for telling the situation in Eritrea like it is! To that effect, Eritrea tyrant's lackeys are making gullible diaspora Eritreans sign a petition/email denouncing the UN Rights COI and its Report under duress!
It is Rule by Fear that the COI, among other severe charges, hit Eritrea tyrant with now live and in action as practiced by the tyrant's lackeys abroad (Vindication to COI charges of 'Rule by Fear)! 

This attack and abusive response to the COI is a continuation of what started at UNGA70 when the COI presented its report to the UNGA (watch clip below)!

To start with, the UN Rights COI deals with, gathers and documents testimonies of victims of Eritrea tyrant's Human and Human Rights abuses. That said, 15 Jan was set as closing date for said victims of Eritrea tyrant to submit their testimonies not for Eritrea tyrant's lackeys to submit their "challenges" and other abusive emails.

Fazit: This entire theatrics and despicable activities against the UN Rights COI by Eritrea tyrant's lackeys is nothing more than a desperate and futile attempt to intimidate the COI and save the tyrant from the ICC, to no avail!