Plans to sabotage, intimidate UN Rights COI by Eritrea tyrant's lackeys exposed!

20 January 2016

This is not something unexpected, just for the record! The report of the UN Commission Of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights in Eritrea is indefensible! Only thing Eritrea tyrant's lackeys can do and are doing is to wage a desperate, irresponsible, and futile campaign to sabotage and thwart the work of and intimidate the COI by whatever means!

Last week, a plan to that effect was mapped out in a private, secret teleconference for gullible Eritrea tyrant's sympathizers (now released to the media in its entirety to the utter dismay and disgrace of the organizers by some participants opposed to the whole anti COI plot) lead by Eritrea tyrant's diplomatic agent in Washington DC, Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwot and the tyrant's top lackey in Virginia, USA, Dr. Ghidewon Abay Asmerom. The plan included jamming the COI's email box, fax machines, telephone lines of Embassies of member states of the UNHRC including yet another demonstration in Geneva in June. 

Be that as it may, of the only 200 participants in the teleconference, the one nagging questions asked repeatedly but the tyrant's top lackeys kept dodging is: Why not allow the COI to enter Eritrea and see it all?

This is a major blow to the secretive house of Eritrea tyrant and lackeys! Kudos!

Unfortunately, the teleconference was conducted in Tigrigna and the recording is poor-frequent audio variation between low, very high audibility during the call-in later session- but audible. Listen to this  2 hour session below: