Constitution Adieu! Eritrea Tyrant devises 'Book of Governance' to avoid demise!

25 January 2016

Eritrea@Jubille: It's Goodby to Constitutional governance, Hello to Governance by Eritrea tyrant's 'Book of Governance'!

Eritrea tyrant told the nation Saturday, 22 January 2016, on a televised year end Q&A with his propaganda TV station, ERiTV, that the constitution is dead and deader! The tyrant told the nation he is now working on the '
Book of Governance' a la Libya's Gaddafi Green Bookin lieu of the ratified but not implimented 1997 National constitution. Eritrea tyrant's 'Book of Governance' or in the tyrant's own words 'Document on government system/governance' will be ready when it is ready!

ERiTV: "Mr. President, nearly two years ago, 24 May 2014, you announced the drafting of a new constitution, would you please update us on that?

Eritrea tyrant: No, not Constitution, that is no more! What I had in mind then and now is the writing of "Book of Governance"

With that the tyrant is attempting to avoid the devastating wrath of the constitution, his demise, perpetuate his tyrannical reign, and end any and all talks about the constitution!

Also on this clip, the tyrant declared that his by all standards defunct and in name only 'People's Front' is there to stay today, tomorrow and beyond!