Quiet EU Eritrea Tyrant Long-term Development Aid Deal Double-edged Sword!

29 January 2016

Yesterday, the EU and Eritrea tyrant signed a long-term, 5 years, 200 million , development aid with a big televised fanfare but no one is reporting about it, not even the tyrant's own propaganda ministry website cared to post it! Wonder no more, it is simple: the signed deal is a double-edged sword to the tyrant! The deal gives the tyrant one more day to live, so to speak, but will eventually bring about his demise for the deal is predicated on the tyrant meeting UPR requirements that, inter alia, calls for:
           . Implementation of  the 1997 Constitution
           . Granting access to the UN Special Rapporteur, and UN Rights Commission of Inquiry (COI)
           . Restoring military conscription to 18 months for all
           . Free Elections
           . Respect for Human Rights etc. 
That all mean utter demise of the tyrant!

Below now the original deal and text of the agreement that house of Eritrea tyrant don't want to publish/others to read!