Netherlands: Van Reisen Prevails, Eritrea tyrant's lackey fails, like verdict looms

12 February 2016


Amsterdam, Netherland-"
Tilburg professor Mirjam van Reisen has won a lawsuit that was filed against her by one certified Eritrea tyrant's lackey, Eritrean Dutchman Meseret Bahlbi, claiming libel and defamation. The judge in Amsterdam rejected his claim on correcting/retracting statements Reisen had made in an interview with a Dutch Radio station, BNR." The website of the Dutch Public Broadcasting Foundation (NOS) reported on Wednesday, 10 Feb 2016, on day of the ruling.

This is only the beginning for Eritrea tyrant because coming next is a similar verdict for essentially same lawsuit filed by related Eritrea lackeys against the Dutch government agency, IND, Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service. Ruling date is 24 Feb 2016! Below a report by Australia's SBS Radio, Tigrigna program on pending case:

For more on current verdict read IDN report below: