Blowing the lid off Nevsun's Dealings with certified Eritrea Tyrant- the fifth estate

13 February 2016

In a 45 min documentary, Canada's cbc news TV Journal 'the fifth estate' blew the lid off Canada's own Nevsun mining Co.'s dealings with certified Eritrea tyrant.

"When a small Vancouver mining company Nevsun struck gold in a remote corner of Africa, it started with so much promise. In remote Eritrea, Nevsun built a mine that was generating $700 million in profits in its first four years of operation. But it was also generating a lot of controversy - because Nevsun was partnered with a brutal dictatorship that runs the country and controls 40% of the mine. That has led to allegations by the UN and Human Rights Watch that the regime has used conscripted military labour in the mine. The Eritrea government has also been accused of funneling arms to the terrorist group al-Shabaab. Nevsun denies the allegations of human rights abuses and insists it is a "template for responsible international business." Said the intro to the documentary.

Here now some of the exchanges between the moderator and Nevsun's VP:

Moderator: the issue of forced laber?
VP: let me read you a statement from the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry: 'conscripts used in the construction of the mines tunnels'. You know what the problem with that statement is? We have Open-pit mine, no tunnels! With all due respect, Mr.VP call the nature of the mine all you want but that does not change the fact of the matter: Forced labor, aka slave laber, used to build the mine! Below is a testimony of former NEVSUN executive confirming use of conscripts.

 with regards to flagrant violations of Human Rights, what say you?
VP:  We are representing a new Eritrea, one that embraces liberal democratic values! No kidding! Mr. VP, like what?

                                     . No constitution
                                     . No election
                                     . No parliament
                                     . No free press
                                     . No political parties
                                     . Undeniable flagrant violatioins of Human Rights
                                     . Open-ended Military Conscription etc.

Those don't represent the values of any shade of democracy, social, conservative, or liberal. You are not serious, Mr. VP!