NEVSUN'S new Discovery: Eritrea Land of Liberal Democracy!

15 February 2016

NEVSUN Mining Co. is good not only in uncovering mineral treasures but also in discovering hitherto undescribed and not thought of political systems! Lately, NEVSUN announced
Eritrea is a 'Land of Liberal Democracy'! Nevsun's VP, Todd Romaine, disclosed this Nevsun's original and new discovery to Canada's cbcnews TV Journal 'the fifth estate' in a documentary aired on 12 February 2016!

Moderator, Mark Kelly: I am talking about the government that you(Nevsun) are in business with?
Nevsun VP Todd Romaine:'it's a new Eritrea, one that is embracing Liberal Democratic values and is creating constructive positive dialogue between the State(Eritrea) and Western Countries!