Swiss MP: Eritrea No ordinary Tourist Destination, chronic Lack of Basic Utilities

17 February 2016

Zurich, Switzerland-- "Eritrea is not ordinary tourist destination. Basic utilities like water and electricity supply are in chronic and critical short supply". Swiss politician, Susanne Hochuli, told Reporters following 2 weeks visit to Eritrea. "Hopelessness is forcing Eritreans to flee their country", the politician submits too!

You look great! Nice sun tan! Would recommend your visit to Eritrea to our viewers too? 

Plitician Hochuli: breaks out a loud laughter! No, Eritrea is not your ordinary tourist destination! I had a chance for only 2 warm showers during my 2 weeks stay for chronic lack of water and electricty supply! At times there is water but no electric power or vice versa, and at other times both utilities are simply lacking!

Reporter: What impressed you most?

Hochuli: Not impressed rather surprised Eritrea is not the North Korea I had in mind/imagination! (Editorial: Sure, no president Kim jong-un in Eritrea if that's what she had in mind to meet, Asmara does not look like Pyonyang if that was what she expected to see, and Eritreans don't look like North Koreans either!)

Reporter: Would you now say it is reasonable/safe to deport the 10,000 Eritrean asylees in Switzerland?

Hochuli: It is premature to speak of deporting Eritreans asylees

What the politician could not narrate during the intervies she put it in her own words and in writing:
Die Perspektivlosigkeit zwingt sie in die Resignation" or in English 'Hopelessness forcing them (Eritreans) to accept the undesirable but inevitable: Flee their country risking life and limb' is the title she gave to her  detailed report of her visit to Eritrea that Madame Hochuli wrote to the Swiss Daily 'Sonntagszeitung'. How true!