UN Security Council Sanctions Committee: Eritrea Tyrant Far From Compliance!

19 February 2016

UNSC Eritrea Somalia Sanctions Committee yesterday, 18 Feb 2016, briefed members of the Council that Eritrea tyrant is far from compliance. The briefing hit Eritrea tyrant with lack of cooperation with the Monitoring group, progress in Djibouti border matter, support of armed Ethiopian groups and involvement in Yemen all in violation of pertinent paragraphs of, inter alia, Resolution 1907. (Editorial reminder: Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi is under UN Chapter VII Sanction: Threat to International Peace and Security!)

"The Chair of the "751/1907" Somalia-Eritrea Sanctions Committee provided an update to the Security Council today on the recent findings of its Monitoring Group, as delegates called for improved coordination to staunch the illegal charcoal trade in Somalia, and pressed Eritrea for "frank and sincere" cooperation over its reported involvement in the Yemen conflict, support for armed groups in Ethiopia and progress on the question of Djibouti war prisoners." Said a report (below) on the Security Council's website on 18 Feb 2016.