UN, Geneva: Eritrea Tyrant Pleads With The Int'l. Community To Be Left Alone!

02 March 2016

At the 31st Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council, Geneva, 29 Feb - 24 Mar 2016, Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi via his Foreign Agent Osman, told the council he had it enough with This Council that has treated him 'most unfairly' for 'reasons nothing to do with Human Rights'. Now, the tyrant wants To Be Left Alone!
Eritrea firmly believes that every nation bears primary responsibility to meet the aspirations of its people… human solidarity requires that these nations be supported in their efforts or at the very least they are left alone..". Said the tyrant's statement.

Eritrea has been treated most unfairly by This Human Rights Council for reasons that sadly have nothing to do with Human Rights…while those nations who have the protection of this or that big power have impunity despite their sordid Human Rights record and act as spoiled children in this Council…this selective approach of double standards based on political expediency of the powerful makes a mockery of Human Rights and demeans this Council".  Said Osman.

Moreover, of all the people, Eritrea tyrant via his Foreign agent, decried, inter alia,  " .
.continuing and escalating violations of fundamental freedoms of citizens". For more of Eritrea tyrant's vituperative harangue and whining, below a video clip of the event as it happened yesterday 1 March 20016: The voice of a certified tyrant, utterly in denial of all, any, and everything the international community and humanity believes in and goes by and then demanding to be left alone when he's taken to task for that, now  pontificating about the rule of law, fundamental freedoms of citizens, human dignity!