Eritrea tyrant's killer Joke: No indefinite national service, it's only been extended indefinitely!  

14 March 2016

United Natioins,Geneva-Speaking through his agent, Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi told UN Human Rights Council today at its 31st Regular Session that there is no indefinite military conscription, aka National Service, in Eritrea it's only been extended indefinitely! The tyrant's agent was responding to steady calls from members of the Council to end indefinite military conscription that constitutes inter alia one of the root causes for the plight and exodus of Eritreans. And then there is this tweet from yet another Eritrea tyrant's agent at the UN contradicting his fellow agent in Geneva!

Call it all you want, tour of duty/deployment , it is done  within the context and as part and parcel of "National Service"! Besides, there's still no clear end-date for whatever they do, sir!