UN Eritrea visitors blast Eritrea tyrant for lack of Constitution, legislature & more

15 March 2016

UNITED NATIONS, Geneva, Switzerland- -Like the EU Parliament and the Human Rights Council last week and yesterday respectively, today at the 31st Regular Session Human Rights Council,  the delegation of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights that visited Eritrea 1-5 Feb 2016 upon Eritrea tyrant's own request (first of its kind) too came down on Eritrea tyrant like a ton of bricks for lack of rule of law, legislative body and more: 'Eritrea needs the implementation of a constitution, transparent and predictable Law-making process, institutional framework that clearly defines roles and responsibilities and provides for checks and balances' was the verdict of OHCHR.  This eyewitness report that Eritrea tyrant thought to capitalize on and bamboozle the international community was certainly rejected by Eritrea tyrant's agent right away! Watch video clip as it happened, what/who the UN visitors had access to and did not because 'they were issues of National Security'  below: