Eritrea Tyrant admits openly: Salary hike just Numbers Game, one can't live on it

17 March 2016

Sounds bizarre but it is true: Eritrea tyrant isias afreqi is publicly dismissing talks about Salary hikes in the land as mere Numbers Game for no one can live on that because the buying power of the currency has hit and keeps hitting rock bottom! And, the tyrant even warns that loading people with money whose buying power has hit rock bottom will inevitably aggravate the prevailing grave inflation!  Conclusion, therefore, talks about SALARY HIKE for conscripts is an outright hoax!

Talks about salary hikes were rumors floated and propagated by the tyrant's own lackeys in a futile attempt to blunt/counter Slave Labor tag the 'National Service' carries rightly and hoodwink the international community. 
The tyrant expressed all that in interview after interview on his own propaganda TV Station, ERiTV, as recent as 22 Jan 2016  in Tigrigna Language, watch clip below: