Lies of Eritrea tyrant's UN lackey on constitutional Women Parliamentary Seats

31 March 2016

At Women gathering on the occasion of the 60th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60 15-24 March 2016), Eritrea tyrant's top lackey at the UN told the meeting that 30% of the seats of the 'National Assembly' has been reserved for women guaranteed by the constitution- Watch clip below.
That is utter lie, there is no such provision in the Constitution of Eritrea at all- read it here!

The tyrant's top lackey was responding to the following question posed by a participant of the meeting, a Nigerian Lady:

 From the presentation we were able to know that 30% of the seats of the National Assembly were reserved for women. I want to find out please do you have such provision in the constitution of Eritrea?

Question2:You did say that you have Gender Policies, Action plans as regards women. Do you have such provision in the Constitution or do you just have them in peacemeal legislations?

While the first question was answered with an utter lie, the tyrant's lackey simply dodged the second question!

Just for the record: Thanks to Eritrea tyrant, the Constitution is no more in Eritrea, No National Assembly in Eritrea for never have been national election, no Legislative body either.

Although the event took place nearly 10 days ago the video was released only today! Below video of the embarrassing presentation in its entirety as provided by youtube