The US Stands with the People of Eritrea not With Eritrea Tyrant, Amb. S. Rice

28 April 2016

Speaking to reporters following UN Security Council's adoption of Res.1907 (2009)] calling for sanctions against Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareki under Chapter VII of the UN Charter on Wednesday 23 December 2009, United States permanent representative at the UN, Ambassador Susan E. Rice, assured the international community at large and the people of Eritrea in particular unequivocally and in no uncertain terms that the United States, like any other country in the world, stands with the people and country of Eritrea all the way.

"The United States stands with the people of Eritrea who have fought long and hard for their independence and to build a country for which we have great hope for the future."So concluded Rice her remarks during a media stakeout at the UN at the time.