Norway bars Eritreans from homeland travel to celebrate with Eritrea tyrant

04 May 2016

Norway's Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug served notice to Eritreans: "Eritreans that travel to the homeland to celebrate the upcoming 25th Independence Anniversary with Eritrea tyrant risk asylum claim forfeiture". NRK, Norway's government-owned Radio and Television public broadcasting company reported, read below:

That is not all, the local Independence Anniversary Party with the tyrant's lackeys, reps, functionaries planned for 14 May 2016 by Eritrea tyrant's lackeys is also under attack by Norwegian Human Rights activists for, inter alia, violation and abuse of asylum protection right too, watch video below:


Listhaug warns: Celebration of the regime in his home country can give punishment in Norway

When the regime in Eritrea this month fill 25 years, will probably many Norwegian-eritreere travel to Eritrea to celebrate. But those who travel back to the regime they have fled from risk punishment, warns immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug.

To the Eritrea capital Asmara is there in may expected many thousands of eritreere from Europe, who come to celebrate the 25th anniversary of a regime that the UNITED NATIONS believes is one of the world's worst when it comes to human rights.

To the eritreere in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, it is laid out a form on the Web, where those who want to travel to Asmara 24. may can register.

Woldab Feshatzion since the 80 's have fought for a free Eritrea. But he believes that a part Norwegian-eritreere will travel down to celebrate the regime.

-Yes, I think that a part Norwegian who has been eritreere-protection in Norway will travel down, it amazes me, "said the head of the Eritrean Community Association.
He says it's to show loyalty to the regime that some might travel.

Listhaug: interesting information

For eritreere who came as refugees and do not have Norwegian citizenship, it is a crime to travel to Eritrea. Therefore, immigration and integration Minister pay close attention to what is now going on.
-It will in that case be interesting information for the immigration authorities. It is clear that if one says that the first one has fled from a regime and applying for protection in Norway, and then travel down to shelf the same regime, then it is the basis for a closer look at this, It says Sylvi Listhaug to NRK.
Ten days before the celebration of Eritrea, it held an event in Ekeberghallen in Oslo. Also it is to celebrate the regime, according to sources with the NORWEGIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION NRK's talking sources say this event is planned so that those who want to, can travel down to Eritrea 24. may.
This rejects the event in Ekeberghallen to NRK. They say the date is chosen because the Hall was free then.

-Abuse of the asylum Department

Woldab Feshatzion have nothing to spare for eritreans travelling to the country they fled from.
-Norway have to give protection to the real refugees from Eritrea. But those who have connections to the regime and those who abuse the asylum the Institute has nothing to do in Norway, "he said.
Norwegian immigration authorities will follow through on what the Norwegian eritreere travelling home.
-It is the immigration authorities that go into individual cases and that can enforce this. But this will be information that will be interesting for the immigration authorities to look into. So I expect the that they do, "said Sylvi Listhaug to NRK.