Swiss Eritrea Report Shocker: Eritrea tyrant is a con man through and through

10 May 2016

A group of Swiss Fact Finding officials that included one German official travelled to Eritrea in March and came back
 exposing Eritrea tyrant as a con man and fraud through and through!

The Swiss Head of State Secretariat for Migration, Ambassador Mario Gattiker, told the widely read and circulated Newsdaily, Zürich's own
Tages Anzeiger, in a broad interview on Monday, 9 May 2016.

Nothing about Eritrea tyrant's promise to restore the open-ended forced military conscription to its original duration of 18 months. To the contrary the group got it officially told that the indefinite conscription will stay in place!

Nothing not even close to improve human rights

Nothing to prove Eritreans that left the country illegally were free from penalties including torture of any kind, and most of all nothing that  proves deporting Eritrean is safe, to the contrary the group determined it is not safe to deport Eritreans. For more read below: