Eritrea@25: Eritrea Tyrant terms the US Government 'Washington Gangs'

25 May 2016

Addressing the Nation on the occasion of the country's 25th Independence Anniversary yesterday, Eritrea tyrant Isias Afarqi delivered as in previous occasions, anti-US vituperative harangue not only blaming the United States of America for all his woes but calling the culprit by name:
Washington Gangs (JANDA WASHINGTON In Tigrigna Language). Yes, that is how Eritrea tyrant now terms the Government of the United States. This is the same term the tyrant uses when referring to the Ethiopian Government- 'JANDA WOYANE' in Tigrigna or TPLF GANGS. The tyrant expressed his new term for the US Government both in Tigrigna and Arabic languages but the English transcript of the tyrant's address failed to express that!

Also as in previous years, the tyrant remains a pariah! Not one single head of State attended the occasion again! There was not even any other foreign dignitary worth mentioning by the tyrant!

The tyrant closed his speech with a 'Rendezvous on Golden Jubilee Anniversary in 25 years!'

Below a video clip of the tyrant's new term for the us gov't (Tigrigna and Arabic) and the tyrant's speech in its entirety as delivered live in Tigrigna Language: