Eritrea tyrant's FM: What Human Rights? Human Rights My Foot!

27 May 2016

Voila! Anticipating a damning upcoming Report of the UN-mandated Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights, Eritrea tyrant says he does not want to know anything about Human Rights come what will! "Human Rights is, if at all, at the bottom of our priority list", Eritrea tyrant's Foreign Agent, aka FM Osman Saleh, told the French Magazine 'JUENE AFRIQUE' in an interview during his visit in France last Month(Read Report below). This is tantamount to Eritrea tyrant submitting to the COI Report without defense come what will!

Now the tyrant must cease and desist bamboozling the world into believing the tyrant cares about Human Rights for no one wants to operate beyond and outsided their priority?



JA: What do you say to those who attack you on the issue of human rights, damning 
       files to support?

Osman Saleh: That this question is not a priority in Eritrea, as the country faces the fanaticism, terrorism and maritime piracy. We are occupied by Ethiopia; we are sanctioned on the basis of lies about Djibouti firstly, secondly the Shebab; Yemen, within 50 km of our coast is on fire; Daesh and Al Qaeda are upon us ... Let us first help solve these problems before coming to hold us to account and to place ourselves under the observation of the Council of Human