Testimony to UN Rights Body: Eritrea counter to any country in the world- BBC Rprt

03 June 2016

BBC's Mary Harper who last week was in Asmara during the Nation's 25th Independence Anniversary rendered yet another testimony to the Report of the UN-mandated Commissioin of Inquiry on Human Right in Eritrea (COI): Under the repressive stronhold of tyrant Isias Afareqi,
Eritrea is counter to any other country in the world: No constitution (Democracy), no Parliament, no Elections ever, no Free Press, indefinite military conscription aka National service for pittance! And Eritrea tyrant's own Foreign emissary, aka FM Osman Saleh, submitted the to the French Magazine JEUNE AFRIQUE in April that Human Rights is no priority if at all in Eritrea!  Listen to Mary Harpers report below: