UN Rights Council adopts resolution charting Eritrea tyrant & Co.'s road to the ICC

01 July 2016
Geneva, Switzerland-In its 32nd Regular Session today, the UN Human Rights Council adopted the incriminating Report of the UN-mandated Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea in its entirety and passed a resolution without vote charting Eritrea tyrant & Co.'s road to accountability in an internationa criminal justice court (ICC) without calling it by name for committing crimes against humanity.

The original draft has been revised to make the 'bitter pill' palatable to the tyrant & Co. via linguistic acrobatics, semanting twisting, diplomatic niceties and lipservices to whatever the tyrant claims to have accomplished withou compromising the fundamental purpose of the resolution: Calling Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareqi & Co. to task in an international criminal justice court for crimes against humanity!

The council also decided to extend the mandate of the Specila Repporteur on human rights in eritrea for one more year. In the end, Eritrea tyrant was forced to withdraw his ridiculous counter proposal under embarrassment: It was 'damn if you do, damn if you don't' case!

The Resolution including the Report of the Commission of Inquiry will be transmitted in its entirety to the Security Council via all UN Organs for referral of casus Eritrea tyrant to an international criminal justice court for trial for crimes against humanity.

Below video of the Session and a copy of the adopted resolution A/HRC/32/L.5/Rev.1    

"17. Requests the General Assembly to
submit the report and the oral updates of the commission of inquiry to the Security Council for its consideration and appropriate action, including that those responsible for human rights violations, including those that may amount to crimes against humanity, be held accountable; " said the OP#17 highlighted in red shade below

Latest rev. "17.Requests the General Assembly to submit the report and the oral updates of the commission of inquiry to all relevant organs of the UN for consideration and appropriate action". No difference! the Security Council is one if not the most relevant organ of the UN and the report will be submitted to it too? lol may be not to Reuters! lol