UNGA70: Eritrea tyrant & Human rights not compatible, tyrant's man seeks redress

14 July 2016

United Nations, New York-- Human Rights, Eritrea tyrant and his likes are not compatible. Hence, at the High level Thematic debate on Human Rights at the 70th Session of the UNGA, 12-13 July 2016, Eritrea tyrant's attack dog at the UN called for redress of the issue of Human Rights such that it is made compatible with bare-naked tyranny in Eritrea. Understandable! Human Rights issues are detrimental to tyrants and the likes!

"We can't discuss Human Rights  in the General Assembly today without pointing out the elephant in the room, the working methods of the Human Rights Council... One can't help but notice the politicization and double standard, in full display undermining the mandate of the Human Rights Council. It is time that we seriously address this issue which is counterproductive in the promotion and protection of human rights. We especially reject the proliferation of country specific mandates,  which seek to punish and isolate countries rather than engage and assist them to fulfil their human rights obligations."The tyrant's agent told the Assembly.

Below video clip of the matter as it happened yesterday, Wednesday 13 July 2016, in New York: