UK Court Rules: Eritrean Refugees Face Real Danger On Return 

11 October 2016

A UK court has ruled that Eritreans who have fled the country face real danger on return. The ruling directly contradicts the UK Government's view that many Eritreans arriving in the UK are not in need of international protection, Refugee reported today, see below.

"The Upper Tribunal has issued a new Country Guidance case on Eritrea: MST and Others (
national service - risk categories) (CG) [2016] UKUT 443 (IAC). the findings are good news for Eritrean refugees seeking sanctuary, as the tribunal recognises the danger they face if returned. Almost any Eritrean who reaches the UK is likely to be a refugee given that the conditions of military service are found to amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and forced labour, those who have evaded that military service are at real risk of additional persecution on return and the categories of person who are permitted to leave lawfully are very narrow. Immediately before publication of the new case, the Home Office took down its latest guidance on returns to Eritrea. The new guidance is eagerly awaited at the time of writing", the website reported too today.  

For a pdf version of the 267 page decision click