Rethinking Eritrea: Atlantic Council's Drama to save Eritrea tyrant

09 December 2016

Yesterday, Thursday, December 8, 2016, the Washington DC think tank Atlantic Council organized a campaign event entitled 'Rethinking Eritrea' designed to save Eritrea tyrant Isias Afareqi. It was full house with Eritrea tyrant's lackeys in the area except for one person from the resistance camp. It was all theatrical. Below two video clips of the event as it happened, one an excerpt of the 'Comment and Question' session with panoramic view of the paricipants and the other one is the video of the event as provided by the event organizers.

The event moderator and ultimate apologist of Eritrea tyrant, deputy director of the Africa section of the think tank group, Ms Bronwyn Brutton posed the following question to the panelist: What would happen if the UN Sanction on Eritrea tyrant were lifted? The answer was basically unanimous: Nothing with regards to Eritrea tyrant's tyrannical strong grip on the people and country of Eritrea but makes the tyrant's life easier and prolongs his tyrannical reign. One panelist Dan Conell did not want to give merit  to the hypothecal question and simply answered " I am not sure there's really a chance that's going to happen". For more watch below videos.