Eritrea tyrant calls Germany's Merkel, France's Hollande 'mentally deranged'

29 January 2017

In his live broadcast annual New Year's tirade and vituperative harangue against the US in particular and the international community in general On Friday 27 Jan 2017, Eritrea tyrant Isas Afarqi picked on  Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Francois Hollande of Fracnce and called them 'mentally deranged'.

The tyrant referred to Merkel not as Chancelloer but as 
'That German Woman they call Merkel' and blasted her for her visits in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt in her attempts to help young Eritrean refugees, like job creation investments for Eritrean refugees.

The tyrant blasted President Hollande for his remarks that '
Eritrea is a country that is becoming empty of its own population with unscrupulous leaders who let their people go'. Hollande made the remark at a European Union-African summit on migrants in Valletta, Malta. Nov 2015. For more read report provided by '' in the original French language and Google's English translation below, and a video clip of the tyrants attack on Merkel and Hollande. Provided below is also the tyrant's entire interview part2 on Saturday, 29 Jan 2017.

The tyrant said the two leaders don't know Eritrea and they will not know Eritrea because their time will be up soon!